It’s NOT Autism


It can be all or a combination of the following: disorganization of brain dysfunction, metals, fungus, viruses, allergies, inability to break down and digest foods, mineral deficiencies from our current food condition and/or lyme disease. Some of these children have parasites as well. Which came first? We may never know. It is crucial however, if one wants to recover their child, and it is possible, to address the root medical causes to heal the imbalances….urgently as the above mentioned wreck havoc on their little systems and cause unrelenting agony for the child and the whole family. There are numerous therapies families have investigated. One must choose what is best for each individual.
Today’s autism manifests in the following ways:

  • Sensory Issues: Hypersensitive hearing and vision, aversion to touch and certain materials
  • Social & Learning Skills: Inability to understand social cues, inability to transition to a different activity, no interest in peers
  • Communication Problems: Verbal and non-verbal, auditory processing disorder, including no speech
  • Strange Behaviors: Walking on toes, flapping hands, repetitive sounds, tantrums, spinning, obsessive behavior
  • Medical Conditions: Gastro-intestinal problems, severe food allergies, severe headaches and numerous more

Like lyme disease, while there are some similarities in symptoms, with It’s Not Autism, each child is affected differently and the protocol will be slightly different. Below details our child’s protocol and the state of recovery he enjoys today.

Dr. Michael Goldberg states that it is genetically impossible for a genetic disability to increase at such a rate as autism has been in the past thirty years. It’s not that doctors are now finally diagnosing children with autism. Forty years ago this condition did not exist. True autism such as the Rain Man, happens at the rate of 1 in 10,000.  Todays rates of this diagnosis are 1 in 91.

What if the psychological affliction “Autism” had never existed? What if ever increasing numbers children were showing up in schools without speech, lost in their own worlds, and having unexplained seizures? Would we be diagnosing these children with a “developmental disorder?” Or would we be looking for root causes of their DISEASE and treating what they have medically? What if your children have is not “Autism” at all, but a medical disease in most part caused by viruses? According to a new study appearing in the October 2009 issue of SCIENCE, the latest research supports this idea and it is exactly what I have been advocating for twenty-seven years.

This study describes the detection of a virus called XMRV (xenotropic MLV related virus) in about two-thirds of patients diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). It was conducted by researchers who collaborated from the Whittemore Peterson Institute, the Cleveland Clinic, and the National Cancer Institute and has tremendous implications for any family dealing with “Autism.”

Many of those diagnosed with “Autism” have blood work that contains these same viruses. Autism (or should I say a “diagnosis” of Autism) has increased in staggering numbers over the past ten years. One in every 91 children in the US has what we refer to as “Autism” (read American Academy Pediatrics Report). These statistics are endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Academy of Pediatrics, and other agencies. California reports a 273% increase, Maryland 513%, and Florida 600%.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, everyone understands the seriousness of the disease and its treatment. Because of this, cancer research is funded generously. “Autism” is now the third most prevalent childhood disease, but it remains the least funded in terms of research dollars. And how much of these research funds are devoted to the genetic causes of “Autism?” We are wasting what precious funds we have on genetic research for a disease that is, in no way, genetic in nature. In addition, the cost to local school districts in special education expenses is astronomical and growing every year! We are draining budgets and there are kids NOT getting better every day.
What we have is an epidemic. Developmental disorders do not increase by 600% or occur in epidemic proportions. From a purely scientific perspective, an epidemic of something that can’t be spread by germs is NOT POSSIBLE. It also should be impossible to medically treat and recover children with these various disorders, but I have been doing exactly that for 27 years (CFS and ADHD) and now 14 year (“Autistic Spectrum”).

We have lost too much time focusing our energies on the genetic and “refrigerator mother” causes of this disease. The time to act is now. We must refocus our resources and move in the right direction with hard science, hard logic, and hard data and finally address this crisis medically.

It is time to create a new focus with ONE goal and ONE idea to help your children. We must promote the medical treatment for this disease. We have proven time and time again, kids can get better. We, along with the medical community must come together, rally around the NIDS flag (or any other name you all want except “Autism”) and focus on the true medical crisis. This is a tough disease, but as a disease, it is beatable. Its more than past the time for parents and the medical community to join hands and lead the charge and make recovery possible for all children afflicted with the disease formally
Metals are detoxed by glutathione, however glutathione is mostly manufactured by the nutrients that are produced by healthy intestinal flora. If your flora is still immature or damaged, you dont have the glutathione to detoxify the metals.  Ironically the metals surpress infections that arise as a result of compromised intestinal flora. So if you naturally rebuild your flora, you build a resistance to infections and build the necessary glutathione to detoxify the toxins.  If you chelate the toxins without re-establishing the flora you will bring forth stealth and opportunistic infections and possibly make the condition worse.  Many doctors trying to help prescribe glutathione.

Michaels Story: He was my second and last C-section baby.  I also had two surgeries performed at that time. Thus he drank in all the anesthesia for that delivery plus 41 years of all I had inside me(see my lyme story). My new sweetheart was a cradle cap fussy baby from the start; obviously unhappy by the looks of the baby pictures and little bonding. He did however breastfeed for eight months(in his case this added to his poor medical condition). Michael received his regular shots, though we spread them out. We stopped all shots after his 4th birthday. Sleeping was almost unheard of, accompanied by endless crying. A violent milk allergy was noticed between 1-2 years, then egg, then a life threatening episode  from one macadamia nut. Though he seemed to be developing normally, by age three, the crying fits increased and the little language that he acquired almost ceased. From 3-4 years of age  there were up to two hour crying meltdowns if we insisted he wear particular shirts. Wearing pants or anything around his waist was a struggle. He would cry if sand, food, toothpaste, stickers…anything got on his hands, body, face, then wipe it on his head and face to cause further aggravation.

By four years old most all his language was gone and replaced with severe temper tantrums, OCD like repetitive routine behaviors. If the family did not follow his repetitive insistent patterns,  he would tantrum and hit the rest of the us when we tried to help. Next started stimming, hyper-focus on one toy(trains, building, then dinosaurs), slamming doors, throwing raw eggs at us, specifically targeting spots to spit, urinate and defecate on in our home.

At age four we received the Autism diagnosis through the School District. Due to lack of language, eye contact and hyper-focus on one toy. He was placed in the severe special education preschool class for “help”. Next he saw a Pediatric Neurologist. Recommendations were to see an allergist for allergy shots(yeah right- after the shots nearly killed me), see a gastrointernologist and 1-2 hours of speech therapy per week.  Then, he was approved for Regional Center services. They weren’t sure what diagnosis code he fell under, so they gave him Mental Retardation for lack of speech. At 4.3 years old, we found out where we could get real help fast (TACA) and thus OC Mother Warrior went on the path to learn everything and rescue him. “A mother warrior is a mom who never gives up and will break down walls if it means saving her child” Jenny McCarthy from her book Mother Warriors.

Our path:

  • Occupational Therapy(OT)
  • GFCF & Organic Diet(gluten/casein free) no food dyes, sugar, msg or junk food.
  • Numerous and ongoing research and Seminars from TACA and various Autism related non profits
  • ABA Social Skills Group
  • 1st Practitioner(Naturopath) probiotics, B-12 injections, glutathione cream,various supplements
  • Stool,amp; urine & blood analysis
  • ABA Therapy(Applied Behavior Analysis)
  • Speech Therapy
  • With an attorney, we moved Michael from severe to mild-moderate special education classroom. (Needed an attorney the entire time in public school special education to ensure our rights)
  • Detox
  • Second Practitioner Pediatrician specializing in NIDS(neuro immune dysfunction syndrome). Stopped the above ND protocol except probiotics and some supplements. Added medications anti virals and anti fungals and a few more. Huge improvement behaviorally and academically
  • Hippo Therapy- Speech therapy while riding a horse
  • Monthly labs
  • SCD Diet(Specific Carbohydrate Diet for those with gastrointestinal disorders). Implemented some Weston Price protocol- sprouted foods, and bone broths
  • Hallelujah! Entry into regular ed private school with private shadow required – hours currently decreased)
  • Third Practitioner- Chiropractor specializing in Chinese Herbals, Homeopathic Medicine and various natural treatments. Ended the medications for anti-virals and anti fungals. Swtiched to Chinese herbs and homeopathics for viruses, systemic fungus and allergies. Increased mental clarity and articulation
  • Living Streams Probiotics and Minerals
  • HBOT
  • (Miscellaneous Helps: Organic bed, no toxic cleaners, perfumes, candles….any smells in the house, laundry or baths, Barefoot Bed grounding devices, occasional epsom salt baths, magnesium oil applied externally, special clean bottled water, lot’s of love and prayer)

Current Status and Protocol

At age 7.5 years, our son has lost his diagnosis, is in his second year in a regular education private school, academically functioning at class level, interacts with peers, initiates conversations, came in runner up for the class spelling bee. Current treatment: Chinese herbal and homeopathics for fungus, viruses, gut and brain inflammation, allergies. B-12 injections, digestive enzymes, supplements, Gluten free and SCD organic diet, green vege smoothies. ABA, OT/Karate, frequency machinery that kills the infections. While academically age appropriate, focusing on social, safety awareness and certain behaviors are being addressed at this time as well as a rigid medical/holistic protocol.

DISCLAIMER: OC Mother Warrior provides general information regarding medical research, treatments and personal experience. The information comes from a variety of sources. Mother Warrior Mission does not independently verify any of it. Nothing presented on this site should be construed as medical advice. Always consult your doctor regarding your individual needs.